Monday, January 11, 2010

Compression Support Hosiery Compression Support Hosiery During And After Pregnancy?

Compression Support Hosiery during and after pregnancy? - compression support hosiery

Is it really useful, a friend told me that they will after the birth of their child and it was useful to get into shape, and I read it might also be useful in Is it true?


Si said...

Its probably to help prevent swelling and varicose veins. I do not know how to shape.

Mel said...

Doctors prescribed during pregnancy if you have poor circulation in the legs. I was in my second. Uncomfortable at first, effective assistance to the blood, bring the legs are easier and less painful. I prefer not to (based on the abdomen) only for the legs, for even those who specialize in pregnancy not enough for us to stretch my belly. In addition, if you do not replace going to the toilet. You must use gloves to wash dishes without breaking, so that the best route, with no less time that it set new with the gloves! Note that the first week, I tried it and replace it with felt, rubber gloves at work, she unwell? ;-) I have never heard anything about how to be friendly, avoid them, but surely this wicked dead superficial veins in the legs!

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