Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tech Deck Creater How Do I Paint My Tech Deck Wheels Without Nailpolish Or Spraypaint?

How do i paint my tech deck wheels without nailpolish or spraypaint? - tech deck creater

Hello I recently received a package of high technology and its co Skateboard sugar. One and all his (almost) blue. I see a very cool blue nail polish for trucks as whell but now I can not understand how the wheels of someone who can help me?


texczar said...

A good quality of work or spray paint. Now need to save the parties do not want to paint, remove as many parts that do not wish that on the tape and everything else to paint. Take your time and use painters tape perfectly 1inch / cassette, you can even folded and cut into smaller strips to cover the tight spaces ... Well, if you can not tape to the edges of the small stick is a suggestion here ... You can bold or even the front teeth to cover the edge or the part that you do not want the color to hold .. (now at the implementation of the cause of the fat, if you enter the area, stick to the color is not paint) fat thick enough to cover the surface completely true. then paint after the paint is cured, remove the tape and the fat removed and .... not on the surface including repaint now smooth, shiny surface should be lightly sanded before painting to help the color stick to ... Fun

Dakine85... said...

Use a permanent marker at the wheel of pain. "Marker Sharpie brand, come in many different colors and all are permanent.

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