Saturday, January 9, 2010

Toddler Sleep Issues Toddler (13.5 Months) Sleep Issues - ARRRGH?

Toddler (13.5 months) sleep issues - ARRRGH? - toddler sleep issues

My daughter was the person who sleeps like a perfect baby. It has all night not sleeping now, when I go to wake her for a month to raise his weight. She slept 6-8 hours per month, 8-10 and 10-12 two to three months. Any place to learn to crawl (just before nine months) and four upper teeth (nine months) 10-12 hours of sleep. My back to eight, but he began to awaken in the hospital. We are trying to wean to whole milk when he wakes up, still problems in nursing. I know I should sleep in a position, but if you do not treat their stomachs are small, literally, complaints (perhaps because it to eat a lot, as a solid, while teeth?).

Childhood diseases is now his last two molar teeth and began to wake twice a night again. Sometimes it's for a diaper change, sometimes hungry, sometimes nothing at all. When I left, she complained about one hours straight (in front of me, because I can not sleep). If you start to cry, I was calm, because we livecan in a condominium, and hear all. Every time he is done teething problems (in the third set, where they usually get 2-4 times), I have to start from scratch with your sleep rhythm. If this is done for the rest of your teeth? Baby Tylenol, teething tablets, Orajel, teething rings do not help. It does not seem too much pain during the day, but obviously it bothers you at night, or not much more awake. Or the fact she went a few weeks ago and is still learning how to drive ... Any tips on how to keep my sleep schedule into line child through teething, and milestones?


nicole k said...

Have you tried to cut his morning nap yet? or a nap earlier in the day? Probably the habit of waking in the night ... try to eat just before going to sleep. I think more than anything else, but just a habit ... My son wakes up every day at 3 clock, because he knows that's what my husband comes home, to work ... then returns to sleep after he eats with my husband, even though my husband did not, he still wakes up at 3 hours and then back to bed. its hard to break, but try soon ... If you give too much Tylenol, Exer. does not work anyway ... Try to leave their bite on a damp cloth, to love their children chewing gum. You can also try to treat her right before bed and not wake up, if you ... give a bottle of milk and keep it, I caress you think or do not drink enough and stay with him. There are many things to try to give everyone, but a few days and see if they work. Good luck

Pretty said...

Perhaps the mouth hurts or she has trouble sleeping! Perhaps you ought to know him to the doctor or dentist!

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