Sunday, January 17, 2010

Planning A Mission Trip How Can I Plan A Mission Trip For My School's Christian Club?

How can I plan a mission trip for my school's Christian club? - planning a mission trip

I am looking forward to improving our club lame Christians in something exciting and attractive to our young people in my school. I really want to volunteer, and opportunities for young people as a religious group of ordinary young people. I need ideas for fundraising and mission trip. Please and thank you:)


Christia... said...

First, pray

Secondly, I would say that a mentor for someone who really knows, sort the work of the ministry and mission trip to the leadership and to help you on the street. Perhaps your pastor or youth minister or pastor of the congregation, a minister or a certain group that no longer missions.

In the meantime, you can still volunteer in shelters units have (clothes, food), toys, and give to collections.

Paladin said...

Read discover the local newspaper (s) what your needs and see if civil society groups (Lions, Kiwanis, Sertoma) already identified projects can help your club. Does your country have a serious drug problem? If so, could mount a campaign against drugs in primary schools in the region. Your community is trying to go green? Try to bring, experts from a university in the vicinity or speak Keep America Beautiful chapter to come, at a free public seminar. Is there by your school to grow their own vegetables? Please help build some school gardens. If you do this, have a fundraiser to buy some compost and let the children in your compost from food scraps from the cafeteria.

XMIrish said...

What a question indeed! So take a trip somewhere as a retreat for a few wonders of nature and observe the beauty of creation. This could get an opportunity for your group more to get out of it. Fundraising think his standards (inadequate supply of laundry vehicles) would be. And if all else fails, the cost of travel goes.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Go to a mosque. Or a Jewish temple. and preach their faith.

Would you say that anyone without the label of Christian, volunteer?

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