Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anorexia And Twisted Bowel Are These Signs Of Anorexia? Im Desperate PLZ HELP! My Friends N Teacher Said The Same Thing?

Are these signs of anorexia? im desperate PLZ HELP! my friends n teacher said the same thing? - anorexia and twisted bowel

I had to eat Special K cereal for breakfast, a cup of yogurt, with the thing for grilled cheese and an omelet, rice ... Chicken with some sauce and cabbage in Asia (things AZN) and a banana, but before I tredmil dinner for 30 minutes and lose 231 calories. I am part of a teenager and my hand under the arm bone is like glue and if u feel somehow like a blow to Ur, U can see 2 bones and I can "flat" a vein. And theres this band of skin on his arm, looked like a vein (imagine if) ur wearing tight socks or if I suck in the belly to see what it sees ID If I have a flat belly, side had left my spine, I [think my rib idk] features. Plz help How to get rid of it!? THINGS MYSELF? KNOW WHEN U Anorexia is not eating and exercise, but I do, "anorexic-ish" Becuz I had so few calories today? "


saharaah said...

Anorexic know if you bloody! Just because you see their bones and make a further year, does not mean you have a disease.

kKristin... said...

I did lol at that. I have an eating disorder, and the sounds of it, not you. an eating disorder is to think they are fat and constantly repeated the same ritual again to lose weight. Consider thinning without food fair with food and people are. Bingeing and diarrhea. You have no eating disorder and look at the line sytoms or go to the doctor

mel said...

Anorexia is also psychological factors that go with it. Is it or thinks it has a reason for wanting to be thin? If you gain a little weight, then you are probably not anorexic. probably should be eating more regularly and consult a physician.

Aeja said...

DO NOT! They have repeatedly demanded that fewer calories simply because you are not anorexic in one day ATE. IT'S NOT a mental illness is cold!

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