Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tigi Hardcore Hair Straightener What Straightener Should I Get?

What straightener should I get? - tigi hardcore hair straightener

My hair is very thick and luxurious. Today, I cut in Toni & Guy, and is much shorter, around my shoulders. I started because the shorter hair poofier more it will disturb them if I am tomorrow, a new straightener because my $ 30 Conair does not work very well.

Whenever I get my hair cut, they just very good. It is so shiny and straight, and much thinner, probably because only 30 minutes to recover. But I want to look at coming home.

I asked them what they were doing flat iron my hair, and being a store of Toni & Guy, they used the Tigi Hardcore Flat Iron 1 inch. He has very good results, but take a long time to recover, and I had to find someone toHelp me straight back, because you can not see.

My question is, do I buy the plate you use, or Chi? I have many reviews on the chi and it seems a good rectifier.

Thank you very much:)

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