Monday, February 15, 2010

Ghetto Clothing In S.a Info Why Do People Expect Hispanics To Be Ghetto?

Why do people expect hispanics to be ghetto? - ghetto clothing in s.a info

Seriously, it seems that there were, no matter what race, if a person of Spanish or Abercrombie & Fitch clothing skater condemned by the Spanish and do not wear black for Ecko / Sean John / Rocawear (or in the city shall in general) and Whites is, seems bizarre. Why?

And when it comes to talking on the market (and here) that most black Hispanics to speak as if the 'hood or have something like that, and other Hispanics that are waiting ghetto. Why is it so bad when someone who speaks proper English and decided to something like that? I know that everything with the region, raised in, but be realistic, not all Hispanics are (the barrio or ghetto or) even in another country.

So why is this so when (me and my friends'Re Hispanics and all the rockers, BTW), go to New York and where there is a strong Hispanic population blk /, other Hispanics and blacks to give us this looks really bad. The fact that we did not choose not to know we are wrong.


Dottie said...

Well, I'm from Puerto Rican.I honest, I can not expect someone to be "ghetto". Although sometimes people expect me be.Hah I saw, Goth, Emo, etc..
But I know exactly what you mean! In school, when this African American woman to me and said, "Why are you listening to rock music? And the other girl said," Well, you talk in an appropriate manner that is rare.
Lol, it's funny how people can be prevented.
My overwriting the old once told me, as I'm am not urban ". I guess because I never understand how individuality works.It to sad how many people need a place where a particular category.

You do not want whatever.It as a ghetto or what it refers only to be & #039; Urban comes with the culture of the area.
I know what I'm feel.Since here in Miami is the Hispanic population in the school and some I will look odd full, because I'm Hispanic and wear stockings, and sometimes called "black" but if a good thing I have learned is. Don t all 'in a certain way and not too good to your life, without so much what others have to say stereotypes.Live.
I can not understand how people actually make some people and we expect others to be safe, that only love alike.Everyone different, unique in its way, regardless of where they come from.So all of us, free us from stereotypes and be only known asan individual.

The End

§αғịỳỳẩ² Ẫ†нэậ†ị said...

Uhhhh ... Ghetto majority of Hispanics in the area of MI not. Where do you live?

Alex B said...

cuz many Hispanics seem to believe they were inslaved and hatred of the whites

Dark Knight said...

Well, hopefully not in the palaces and yachts ???????????????????????????????????? ? ...

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