Thursday, February 4, 2010

Organic Mothers Milk Tea What Can I Put In Organic Mothers Milk Tea To Make It Taste Good.?

What can I put in organic mothers milk tea to make it taste good.? - organic mothers milk tea

I need an increase in breast milk and fenugreek does not work. I'm a little tea, organic milk, but tastes terrible. What can I use to make it taste better?


GranolaM... said...

Never could stand the things!

I was lucky with fenugreek and blessed thistle together and care throughout the day. See link below for great information about how to increase his offer.

C N said...

A lot of sugar or honey

I accept the size of the bag agallon Lipton iced tea, 2 bags of milk from mothers, and make tea with that ... few cups of sugar. I drink a liter a day, enough to drink and then the equivalent of 2 cups per day.

Blue said...

Honey or cream, maybe a little lemon juice with sugar, but I think, fenugreek tea is used in the milk. I think there are a few herbs of May exciting though. Good luck, hope it works.

imalittl... said...

Why not try a little cream flavored coffee? Something like the French Vanilla would probably not all wrong.

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