Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do Kidney Cysts Come And Go Military Ignorance Regarding Healthcare?

Military Ignorance regarding healthcare? - do kidney cysts come and go

Here is the story: My mother went to the Air Force when she was 19 and 23 are diagnosed with kidney stones. When the doctor said, "Just Let It Go, as Vicodin and sent home. She spent 20 years of kidney stones and the doctor has never been anything else. In 2000 (42) her kidneys stopped working completely, and once again military doctors do not seem to know what they did. She left on their own civil study and found that, if properly treated, if they find the stones, then the total failure could be avoided, began. It has been seven years with him a stay of five days per week on dialysis for five hours per day. Follow your kidney has osteoporosis, Calcium deposits, cysts, 40% liver, and contraction of the body among other issues, both because of dialysis. She died this year. I think it was ignorance in turn military doctors. What do you think?

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