Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Do You Do With The Blocks In Poptropica Do You Think I Did The Right Thing When This Person Was Insulting Me On Youtube Today ?

Do you think I did the right thing when this person was insulting me on youtube today ? - what do you do with the blocks in poptropica

I'm a fan of the elevator, and I'm in the elevator and shooting a hobby of mine that I do is. I used to have fear of elevators, I started out a way to put my fears and something good out of it. It is a community of passionate elevator upload videos to YouTube and of elevators and the opinions and ideas of what we think of exchange and other videos. This morning I checked my inbox and I will make remarks to offend anyone say this because you will be kicked? You have a girlfriend? I just went crazy when he sent a comment to say that he or she has blocked me, and the 0% tolerance for spammers. Believe me, I have to send tons of spammers to comments on the request to delete my account. Also, I do not plan a girlfriend and probablyto see because I am willing to marry a girl from my country in Vietnam. I think I just need a girl in my life and my wife. Do you think you're right, if that person has insulted me on YouTube? Can someone please tell me if I had any good or not? This is a serious problem, and everything you do not believe will be noted.

This video is the person who hurt me with the comment

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