Friday, February 19, 2010

Somnolence More Condition_symptoms Has The World Gone Mad?

Has the world gone mad? - somnolence more condition_symptoms

I have my annual week-long stupor (because of drunkenness and drowsiness postprandial) to found out about news and that we are in the midst of a wave of bombings. It seems we have had more murders in the Christmas season for the rest of the year. I refer here locally, it is Australia not the United States. What about us?


Faith said...

Yes, sad but true that the world is crazy. I think there is a change from the old class society, a more restrictive and care was the excuse materialistic, commercial new flame of life today.

lisaclar... said...

Yes, in the United States, a man with no history of violence, murdered his ex-wife, children and parents in law, and the house set on fire. He was wearing a Santa suit on the skin melted in the process. He was then able to go to his house where he was shot in the head. Yes, I blame Christmas, but I blame the culture here, the values have xmas is all the family (divorce, and let-down) and silver (stop-loss and below) are what they really worship. We concentrate on things that we have been disappointed by life, but the only thing that you do not disappoint, and I'm not talking about Santa Claus. This happened in a culture that permits a "Christmas" holiday prohibited without Christ - a party, has left the nurseryD and the thoughts of God and creation were the thoughts of people who have no final authority or responsibility for his actions based on the philosophy of evolution that is meaningless has replaced. We ask you to easily Random Acts of desperation and pain, not even allow a person to have hope, because if evolution is true and there is no God - then there is no moral authority to answer to the last - and without trial a gun nonsense sacred fire might think a boy of 8 years in the face triggers - that you will not hours paid hsi own life - and I can not believe it.

Cracker Jax said...

Yes, he has lost his mind ... by the recession. The recession is the result of true greed, poor management and many dishonest people in costume walking.

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