Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro V4.2.3.56 Deutsch What's The Best Way To Create Virtual Tours- What Equipment Do I Need?

What's the best way to create virtual tours- what equipment do I need? - arcsoft panorama maker pro v4.2.3.56 deutsch

I am trying to perform 360 runs with a Nikon coolpix8400 and ArcSoft Panorama Maker .... This is not production quality. Do I need a better software or hardware? I need some advice.


Joe D said...

Not familiar with ArcSoft, but perhaps you should start with a low-tech approach to take, such as PowerPoint presentations or software that comes with the Nikon too.

With PowerPoint, you can buy all sorts of transitions, add text and special effects to have a soundtrack, etc. If your work is not an option that allows you a file of n 'can be accessed important that if DB is installed or not.

Ipshwitz said...

Those who are interested to produce video tours of good quality, you need something a little better than a large and ArcSoft.

In fact, we use a video recorder, can professional-quality digital recording of multiple views and room, I import images into Flash to create his own tour.

However, there are software Tourweaver there like (the link is below) I've heard is very good. You may want to check.

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