Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Bjorn Air Carrier Air Travel With A Four Month Old Baby?

Air travel with a four month old baby? - baby bjorn air carrier

I alone have to take my daughter to travel freely from 4 months (the initial problems started enjoying) this Thursday in San Francisco from Chicago (a trip of 4 hours) by United Airlines and will return on Sunday on a flight from American Airlines. RPF does not have a separate seat for her to be my turn. I bought a baby carrier (Baby Bjorn) for the trip, but have no idea whether to pursue the car and the car. I need advice I normally get. I'm only 3 days () will be on Sunday. Please advise if you can. I take the stroller and car seat? Where will I save during the flight? How do I go pee at the airport with the baby? And the plane? And if the baby's ears hurt? Baby is safe in the cabin w / o car seat? I'm feeling very excited and not at all prepared. Please give suggestions!
Thank you.

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