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Brazil Buildings Pictures I Want A Major Cultural Experience.. Read Inside? (About Brazil)?

I want a major cultural experience.. Read inside? (About Brazil)? - brazil buildings pictures

Moin! (:
I am currently an exchange student in Germany, and I'm originially United States. I'm staying here for a year, but I noticed in Germany, really not too different from the United States and I think that for the cause.
So for my 2nd Exchange Program, I am from South America. The problem is that we can decide whether Brazil will be a big culture shock.
I spoke with my friend who is a semester abroad in Argentina now, and they said it was a big culture shock. She sees the poverty, potholes in the streets even major cities are the dilapidated buildings, and so on. And I decided that exactly where I want to do!
But, I'm gay. And my friend lives in Bolivia, said that Brazil is much more tolerant of gay and have a much better time in Brazil.
But in my opinion, and I think most people with knowledge of the matter, Brazil is much more .. Well .. large, type 1-world, so that other South American countries therefore feel it would be big enoughCulture shock, what I feel in Bolivia or Venezuela, Argentina or Chile?
I would therefore
Brazil is 1 in the world that other countries in South America? Do I get a big culture shock, or just a little? I want to see poverty in Brazil, often or rarely? There is no paved roads? Raggedy building was in Brazil, even in big cities? Is it too would be streamlined, and a great culture shock inducing experience?
I hope that you now what I'm trying to do to respond - please with such considerations as possible! Thank you!

Liebe Grüße,
Matthew Morris

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meg said...

WOW! It is a great text.
First, I really do not understand why you want a blow. Yes, it's bad because he left Nice and see the developed countries to least developed countries, poverty is essentially unchanged. But I would not say great shock.
Brazil is great and is improving the economy, but not a 1st world country, so easily, a plan n is the average length of life to make. Depending on the city you go, I think there will be a surprise. Especially when it decided by the southern states. Experience can be even more interesting in the northern states, but do not know how to save is gay.
So ... Unfortunately, I must say that I do not really think that this will greatly enhance your cultural experience.
By the way, if you want to learn more about poverty here ... Poverty leads to crime and danger, of course, that not all bad, but it exists.

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