Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chemotherapy Immune System Immune System And Chemotherapy?

Immune system and chemotherapy? - chemotherapy immune system

My mother is undergoing chemotherapy and her doctors told her children that none of us will continue until it (three months) because it destroys the immune system.

How long to wait after completion of chemotherapy shoulder before taking up their new and breathe the same air, etc.? She lives two blocks from me.

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Memere RN/BA said...

The doctor had said that if you feel unwell or too cold to stay at home. After the chemotherapy is carried out and the system, the immune system needs to get up again. I visited my sister while she was in chemotherapy, the same for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. My brother had visited all of the chemotherapy as well. I do not understand why the doctor would tell you, until you have chemotherapy. Yes, that is affecting the immune system, but I'm sure if he was sick, I did not see your mother. Moreover, it will need. It feels very low during the chemotherapy. She would do anything, and you need help. I think he has a ridiculous statement, sorry

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