Wednesday, December 16, 2009

National Healthcare University Thoughts On The University Of Texas At Austin...?

Thoughts on the University of Texas at Austin...? - national healthcare university

I just wanted to know anyones thoughts on the University of Texas at Austin. Like it? As the city? Good mix of people? All comments are welcome. Moreover, no thoughts are about my chances of entry (Statistics below allowed) ...

I 4.41 weighted GPA and a 3.7 unweighted GPA (over 9% of the class). I have a 1850), a SAT (or 1300 math and critical reading. I am the president of the FCCLA, Vice President of the club, ecology and the Treasurer or the club historian of science. I'm in the National Honor Society and French National Honor Society. I am in a program of math and science center in my school. I also have 200 hours of community service. Finally, in the summer gave me the most time in the Capital Area Health Network, a health care system in my area. Also, I'm from the state, if the 10% rule is not applicable.

Thank you a bunch!

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